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ULTRA BOWL & Robot Football in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

An article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Will Robots Take the Field in Super Bowl 100? by D. Orlando Ledbetter, concludes by quoting my recent Op-Ed in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette about the future of football and the NFL.

I. J. Weinstock wrote a book titled “Ultra Bowl.” He addresses futuristic football and in an op-ed article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette postulates that Super Bowl 100 will be played by robots.

“I’ve thought a lot about football,” Weinstock wrote. “And a strong argument can be made that concerns about football safety, combined with advances in technology, will profoundly change the game. If there’s a Super Bowl 100, it likely will be played by robots.

“Robot football would be a logical extension of many current trends in our tech-enabled world. Robots drive our cars, fly our planes, grow our food. What won’t they be (playing football) 50 years from now?”

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