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Human? A.I.? My Reddit AMA Highlight...

I love doing interviews because answering questions is how I often discover what I really think about something. During last Super Bowl Sunday's Reddit AMA, I was asked: "What will ultimately distinguish us from advanced artificial intelligence?"

I was surprised by my answer: "It's really hard to know what will distinguish us from A.I. until we actually confront it. But if I had to speculate, I think that what distinguishes humans from machines is going to be found in our "wetware" — our blood, our sweat, our tears. And I mean that symbolically, metaphorically, and literally. Our mortality. Maybe this question that advanced A.I. will pose is going to propel us into a new understanding of our humanity and evolution? After all, artificial intelligence is our creation — so it may very well be the trigger we created for us to evolve.

Here's the link to the entire Reddit AMA interview:

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