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The Robots are Coming!

I've been thinking alot about football and technology, time-traveling into the future in my imagination while writing ULTRA BOWL. To my surprise, the future I've imagined could actually become a reality. It's a pretty good bet that relentless technological innovation combined with the growing problem of football violence will result in profound changes to the game. As I've said before, technology is transforming every area of our lives, why not football? In the year 2115, I think it's quite possible that robots will be playing instead of humans. It's not as crazy as it sounds, but rather a logical extension of many of today’s technological trends. Daily dispatches from the tech front inform of us about all the way robots are being used—drive our cars, fly our planes, even grow our food—infiltrating and colonizing more and more of our lives.. What won’t robots be doing a hundred years from now?

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