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An NFL Team Rescues the Future

From the Tyranny of Technology


ULTRA BOWL is an adventure fable about the dangers of our Digital Age and the dystopian future toward which we may be heading.


Flying home from the Super Bowl, the New York Knights are “time-napped”—transported 100 years into the future, where the global balance-of-power is decided in a football game played by robots. 


The Knights have been “drafted” to play for the United States in the Ultra Bowl, unaware that they are expendable pawns in a brilliant technocrat’s diabolical plot to rule the world. 


Despite insurmountable odds, the Knights embark on this suicide mission for the heart of a beautiful woman, the soul of a young boy and the humanity of an entire world. 


In this epic struggle between man & machine, a football team from the past valiantly attempts to rescue the future

from the tyranny of technology.


Also available in Kindle!


"An amazing read!"


"Sci-fi at its finest"


"A page turner"


"I'm putting it on my holiday gift list

for all the men in my life."


What a unique concept!

Very seldom am I caught off-guard by a book, but this time I was—and in a very pleasant way.

Ultra Bowl gives a whole new meaning to America's favorite fall sport with a game that has the highest stakes ever and a setting like no one will ever see on a field or screen—that is, unless this story is turned into a movie. And if the right person reads it,

this might every well happen!”


— Judge, Writer’s Digest Book Awards


          The Ancients were wiser than we give them credit.

They talked about a Fall caused by humans

taking a bite out of a forbidden apple.

Is it irony or destiny that an image of a bitten apple

is emblazoned on so many of the devices

that became our invisible masters?

— The Blind Awakener 





The pneumatic hiss of locks released as sealed doors slid open.


“Welcome Dr. Newton,” said a disembodied voice.

Followed by his aide, Newton entered a laboratory filled with glowing and pulsating equipment.


“Chronos Protocol!” he commanded. An array of virtual screens appeared and the disembodied voice announced, “Activating time-dilation sequence.”


As various pieces of equipment powered up, Newton chuckled.


Perplexed, his aide asked, “What amuses you, sir?”


Newton’s laughter subsided into an ironic smile. “I never thought there’d be anything of real value in the past. The purpose of this time-travel technology was to bring back the treasures we would find in the future. The future held the key!”


“Sir,” the aide replied, “you have programmed me to play ‘devil’s advocate’ as you call it.”


Newton sighed. “Yes, I did.”


“You believe that vigorous debate sharpens your thinking.”




“You must realize that you are sentencing these men to certain death.”


“Context is everything,” Newton explained. “We’re now at war. I’m simply drafting them as soldiers to fight for their country.”


“But it’s a suicide mission,” the aide insisted.


“Then it will be their great honor to sacrifice themselves for such a noble cause....”




Find out more about the Knights and their adventure—

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